Here's a few customer testimonials:

  • Anne, I am not much of a reviewer, but I wanted to thank you for the high quality tools.  I have not used a lathe since I was in High School (1979).  I was frustrated back then by the constant dull tools.  Anyway, first weekend with my new lathe (Nova Mini Comet) and your tools, I finish a couple of small bowels and cabinet door knobs.  Placed an order for one more tool yesterday. Thanks again!

  • Hello, recieved simple hollowing system today. Didn't think it was possible to ship that fast. You got my weekend off to a flying start. Looks great. 
  • I have already set up and used my Simple Hollowing Tool - it is fantastic!  Still getting the hang of the laser - if nothing, it helps tremendously for the bottom of the piece, so I don't cut through the foot.  It is very well constructed, sturdy, and was easy to put together and adjust to my lathe. I figure I have only 8 more vessels to shape, hollow, and finish - and sell! and I will have paid for it!
    Thanks for constructing such a good hollowing system that is easily affordable for an "early-intermediate" turner.

  • I’m an quite familiar with carbide-tipped turning tools having used them almost exclusively in spindle and pen turning for ten years.  But now, I’m taking on a new type of turning… bowls.  Toward that end, I’ve recently purchased an arsenal of weapons in the form of turning tools, including an impressive array of gouges and scrapers, as well as the equipment to keep them all sharp.  I’ve enjoyed learning how to use those tools and have gotten reasonably good at it.  Then, looking for a hollowing tool, I stumbled onto your video demonstrating your tools.  On an impulse, I decided to give several a try.
    They arrived this week and out of the box, they are the most impressive tools I’ve purchased including several expensive tools from “name” turners. Your tools exude quality.  Yesterday, I decided to turn a small bowl using only the three tools I purchased from you, the turner/hollower, shear cutter, and 90 degree tool.  If I’d never turned before but had just watched your video, I’m quite sure I would have successfully turned my bowl… something that was not the case using traditional tools.  The tools are that easy to use.  I could not be more pleased with the bowl I turned and with the performance of the tools.  We head north to our summer home in a week, so my lathe gets a rest until October.  When we get back here, I’ll be back to get that hollower.

  • Hello I just want to say that the midi set of Simple Woodworking Tools are phenomenal! I would just like to ask if you would be able to make the Simple Finisher and 90 degree detailer for the midi set.
  • Kerry, I've been using the Simple Hollowing System for two weeks now- LOVE IT. It is so smooth and precise. The system mounted to my Nova lathe in less than 7 minutes from opening the box. I've since made a wood case for the perfectly fitted core used to ship the tool in. Just a superb tool. 

  • I received my Simple Hollowing system yesterday. The UPS man pulled just as I was turning the outside of a vase. I unpacked the contents of the box which is well packed. I mounted the system to my Nova Lathe in less that ten minutes I was turning the inside of the vase. No catches just turning. Within 5 minutes of using the Simple Hollowing System (SHS) i felt like a pro. This is a great system well made and I feel Kerry really wants to turn out the best system possible. Thank you 
  • Just received the carbide tools set WOW this is even better than the big set which I have 3 they wont get the use they once did now I have the smaller ones Thanks for a very good product. PS my wife hates you guys (not really)
  • Hi Kerry,
    Thanks for the info. I received the Simple Hollower and Turner, unpacked it, installed it in my shop made handle and went right to the lathe. After a few minutes of practice on a scrap piece, I proceeded to hollow out a 9 inch oak bowl that I had in progress.
    I am a novice turner (this is only my third bowl) and I have to tell you that using this tool couldn't be easier. I was even able to undercut the inside rim of my bowl, something i wouldn't even attempt with a bowl gouge. I got great results the first time out. I am so pleased with this tool and am looking forward to getting the other tools in the line.
    A well made tool, easy to use, reasonably priced and MADE IN USA - it doesn't get better than that.
  • I just wanted to thank you for your great customer service.  In this day and age it is refreshing to find a company that offers the impeccable customer service you gave me.  I had called last week wanting to buy a new adjustment screw for the back rest I had purchased from you. I received the screw today in the mail just in time for my road trip to Sturgis and wanted to express a great thank you for such good customer service.