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Lawn Striping Kit for 2019 Toro Titan HD 2000 Series with 52" Turbo Force Series 3 Deck

Lawn Striping Kit for 2019 Toro Titan HD 2000 Series with 52" Turbo Force Series 3 Deck

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Lawn Striping Kit for 2019 Toro Titan HD 2000 Series with 52" Turbo Force Series 3 mower deck (model 74466).

  • This kit WILL NOT FIT the Toro Titan with Iron Forged Deck. This kit was designed specifically for the Turbo Force Series 3 deck which is flat on the back and has 4 existing holes through the back of the deck.
  • This kit requires drilling holes in your deck to attach the brackets to your deck.
  • Lowest mowing height with striping kit installed: 3". The roller can come in contact with the tires at mowing heights below 3", especially when the deck is in the transport position.
  • Watch installation vide HERE.

How do I know if it'll fit? Here's How:

  • To verify this lawn striper will fit your machine measure the distance between the pre-drilled holes on the back of your deck.
  • The spacing between the holes should be 20" horizontally.
  • The spacing between the holes vertically should be 1.5"
  • The spacing between the widest part of your tires should be about 29".

This kit bolts into the existing holes in the back of your deck and requires drilling two additional holes on either side to secure the brackets.

Roller Dimensions: Mounting Shaft: 32" length - Roller 3 inch diameter by 27" length.

We know this lawn striper kit will also fit the eXmark Radius with 48" ultra cut deck and the Toro Z Master 2000 series with 52" Turbo Force Series 3 deck. Those decks have the same holes in the rear with the same hole to hole spacing.

Made in Ramsey Minnesota by Harrison Specialties - Manufacturing aftermarket turf stripers since 2006 with thousands in service.
Customer service and technical inquiries always welcome. Please email or text/call 763-201-8984.

Special Features

  • Premium quality greaseable sealed bearings. Sealed bearings that are greased regularly offer the longest possible service life. Watch our YouTube Video for correct installation of black eccentric locking collars.
  • Virtually indestructible ductile iron bearing mounting flanges. Specifically designed for use in this type of application. We are not aware of a single bearing flange that has ever failed and we have thousands in use. They cost a bit more than conventional cast iron flanges but are more than worth the price.
  • All steel welded roller construction. We are very particular about how our rollers are designed internally and their construction. Our many repeat customers purchasing stripers for new machines attest to the quality of our rollers. Actually we are quite proud of how well our rollers have performed since we began manufacturing them back in 2006.
  • Bolts are hardened grade 8
  • Nuts are hardened grade 8 with nylon locking inserts.
  • Mounting instructions, CNC laser cut powder coated brackets and all hardware is included.

Other Features

  • Does not hinder the ability to scale curbs.
  • This striper enhances the striping performance of your mower to produce a beautifully manicured lawn.
  • Gives lawns that professionally striped ball park look.
  • Now you can mow and roll in one operation.
  • Please measure the pre-drilled holes in your deck to insure the proper fit.

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