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Universal Lawn Striping Kit May fit Gravely Scag Kubota Bob Cat Ferris Yazoo Kees

Universal Lawn Striping Kit May fit Gravely Scag Kubota Bob Cat Ferris Yazoo Kees

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Lawn Striping Kit may fit Gravely, Scag, Kubota, Bob Cat, Ferris, Yazoo Kees and others.

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Due to many customer requests, we developed this DIY universal lawn striper kit in hopes it can be used on many different brands of mowers.

We can not tell you if this will fit your machine or what size roller you would need. Please read the technical details to determine if it will fit your machine.

  1. Are there flat surfaces on your mower deck for mounting two 1" wide x 4" long mounting brackets?
  2. Is there enough room between the tires and the mower deck to accommodate the striper assembly that extends 4.5" behind the mower deck?
  3. If the assembly will not fit between the tires and the deck, is there room between the tires to mount a shorter assembly?
  4. Is there any supporting hardware or other machine parts that the striping roller will hit when the mower deck is raised to the max height?
  5. Are there baffles inside the deck that would prevent bolts from passing through the deck? Can you safely pass bolts through the deck without interfering with baffles or blades?
  6. Roller length is determined by where the brackets can be mounted to the deck. Please SEE DRAWING (page 2) for an example of bracket spacing and roller size that will fit.

Designed to be bolted or welded on the rear of a mower deck with a flat surface. Not for use with rear discharge mowers. Lowest mowing height is usually around 2.5".

Watch our YouTube Video for correct installation of black eccentric locking collars.


  • Dimensions: all rollers are 3" in diameter. Select roller and shaft length from drop down menu above.
  • Roller vertical adjustment is 2".
  • Heavy-duty all steel construction with sealed bearings for a long trouble free life.
  • All mounting hardware is hardened grade 8.

Note about photos:

The 1st 4 photos are created in our 3D engineering software so dimensionally they are perfectly accurate. However the part finishes are simulated. The 5th & 6th photos are the actual parts.

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